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BROWNIE BEAR AND BLONDIE is available for adoption from:

1933 E. GRAND
(417) 884-7694
   RESCUE ONE   (417) 844-7694


255 W HIGHWAY 32
LICKING MO 65542 9076
   TAMARA PRICE   (573) 674-4470



Medium (26-60 lbs)

Puppy (1 Years 0 Months)



We were entered into the program because we have had a bad experience for the first part of our lives. We have learned to rely on each other to get through the hard times,and need to stay together. We are learning that people can be kind.

Hi, we are short, stout little girls that have learned to love people and are learning what makes our person happy. We are looking for a home that wants lots of smiles with our cute personalities and we want to trade our hearts and devotion for the privilege of living with them.
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Date Status Status Comment
07/01/2020 Available