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DAMEON is available for adoption from:

1933 E. GRAND
(417) 884-7694
   RESCUE ONE   (417) 844-7694


255 W HIGHWAY 32
LICKING MO 65542 9076

Labrador Retriever


Large (61-100 lbs)

Young (5 Years 4 Months)



Hello my name is Dameon. It is pronounced like Day-mon. I am entering the P4P program to learn my basic obedience commands. I am going to learn how to react properly around other dogs, I don't know social manners with other dogs yet.

I have learned my commands now but still am unsure about these other dogs around me. I have never had to deal with them and am still not sure about trusting them, but I am sure loving, loyal, and devoted to any kind person! I have never had a home before, so please give me a try.
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Date Status Status Comment
08/07/2020 Available