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CALVIN is available for adoption from:

1933 E. GRAND
(417) 884-7694
   RESCUE ONE   (417) 844-7694


255 W HIGHWAY 32
LICKING MO 65542 9076
   RICHARD BRANDON   (573) 674-4470

German Shepherd Dog


Medium (26-60 lbs)

Puppy (1 Years 0 Months)



Calvin entered the program for basic obedience and social manners. He entered confident, social, and ready to make friends; furred or people.

Calvin is super smart, and absorbs information like a sponge. He has learned mannerly interaction instead of mauling for attention. He is social with people and dogs, and would love to have a furred companion when his person is away, but not necessary if he is an only pet. Beautiful, smart, and ready to be someone's friend to explore life and it's wonders.
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Date Status Status Comment
01/10/2023 Available